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Mike Lingle

I’m an experienced entrepreneur who helps startups raise money, develop products, and find customers. Sometimes it’s strategy sessions with the CEO and other times I act as a member of the executive team.

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The two main types of investors for startups are angels and venture capital firms. Angel money—which can come from friends and family—is great early in a company’s life, sometimes before customers, revenue, and a working product. Venture Capital usually comes later, when a startup has momentum and is looking to grow quickly.

I have a solid track record and a proven process to put your company on the path to success.


Finding product / market fit is critical. It’s more important than advertising, because spending a bunch of money to drive traffic to a bad app won’t help.

It’s important for founders to follow their vision, and it’s also vital to adjust based on real-world feedback. I can help you reduce both risk and cost by following best practices for product development.


There’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Finding someone who’s been there before can help streamline the process while saving a ton of headaches.

I can help you quickly figure out what to focus on and what to ignore. And I can bring you up to speed on the latest trends in growth and management.

Meet me at an event

Wednesday, Feb 17th

3:15 – 4:15pm

I’m speaking on a panel titled When “It” Hits the Fan: Persevering Through Extreme Adversity

The Sup-X conference

Fort Lauderdale, FL

You can still grab discounted regular and VIP tickets.

Tuesday, Feb 23rd


Join us as we explore the early days of funding a startup, looking at powerful pitch-decks, well-structured financials, funding rounds, and legal implications. A panel of experts from the various parts of the process will be there to share their lessons learned and answer your questions. This time is for you: walk away with years of experience from one night.


350 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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I love learning about new companies, so I’m happy to take a look at your pitch deck and have a conversation upon request. Here are some typical projects, and I work on an hourly or retainer fee.


  • Get the story right, so it’s simple and effective
  • Develop a compelling pitch deck
  • Put together a financial model
  • Build a list of potential investors
  • Start pitching people and learn from each interaction
  • Advise on negotiating the deal


  • Brainstorming and ideation
  • Rapid prototyping and user testing
  • Vendor selection and vetting
  • Product management
  • Measuring results and improving the product


  • Optimize business models
  • Quickly generate ideas
  • Research competitive landscape
  • Business development
  • Positioning and marketing

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Kind Words

“Mike knows a ton about startups. He helped me put together a killer pitch deck and financial model for Kittyo that I’ve used to successfully raise money. Above all I was impressed with his ability to quickly get to the core issues and figure out a strategy. And, of course, his tireless dedication to making sure I have everything I need for my next meeting.”

— Lee Miller, Founder and CEO at Kittyo

“Mike is the ultimate business Swiss Army knife: whatever the challenge or problem a company faces, Mike has the skills to solve it. Starting with Product Development, Mike was able to work with our development team and our clients to identify, define and implement key features that addressed market needs and provided real value to our clients. He drove development of our first iPad App which was huge success with our clients.”

— Paul Shapiro, CEO at CustomShow

“Mike has a unique ability to craft a vision for a company/product, translate that vision into focused actions through analytics, and then implement the plan. He’s is one of the few executives that I know that can handle all three. Mike is tenacious, focused, and engaging.”

— Rick Longenecker, President at Chief Sales Executive

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